the project

| our objective is simple |

Send a qualified occupational therapist from the U.S. to give a 10-day conference on international best practices to the staff at Adarsh Charitable Trust. The therapist will spend part of each day observing the staff and practices at Adarsh, then lead a daily seminar to keep staff training current and enrich their continuing education after each work day.

Occupational therapy is a key element to skills development for children on the autism spectrum. Having an occupational therapist on staff and ensuring frequent updates to all staff’s training are essential goals for any school that helps children on the spectrum, with cerebral palsy, or with Down syndrome, and they are natural next steps for Adarsh.

Due to past successful projects, this time we also will expand to as much as 18 other schools in Kochi, India, by giving an additional weekend OT seminar. The project will achieve this through donations and personnel assistance.

For more information, read the full, detailed project proposal (PDF).