past projects

toys & therapeutic equipment

In fall of 2014, Justin Loveland formed and led a team to raise funds IMG_2577and send therapeutic toys and equipment to Adarsh. The toys and equipment were specifically chosen by the clinic, and our team was asked to help provide them, as it is very difficult to find such toys in India. Through grassroots fundraising, in-kind donations, and partnerships with local restaurants and businesses, we successfully completed this project in December 2014 and sent these much-needed resources to Adarsh.

While this was appreciated, we wanted to grow our impact and do more to better these children’s lives. So, in 2015 we continued raising funds, and planned a trip to visit Adarsh in summer 2015 to help with various on-the-ground projects at the clinic.

community garden & library

IMG_2114In June 2015, Justin and Anna spent three weeks at Adarsh, delivering more therapeutic toys to the clinic and getting to know the children and staff. While there, we bolstered a community garden project by providing tools and working with the children and staff to clear debris, turn over soil, build simple structures, and make room for a garden with vibrant flowers (to provide visual stimulation for children on the autism spectrum), vegetables for the school kitchen, and other plants for future horticultural uses. We also helped in the library, organizing and indexing over 250 books to facilitate and encourage more use of books in the classrooms.

OT conferenceIMG_2559

Because we have been to Adarsh and successfully helped with several projects, the Trust asked our team for specific help with identifying and providing an occupational therapist to travel to Adarsh for the purpose of giving a week-long conference or seminar on current best occupational therapy practices in order to better fulfill their mission.