Located in Kochi, India, Adarsh Charitable Trust is a rehabilitation clinic for children who cope with physical and mental handicaps; most frequently, cerebral palsy, autism, and Down syndrome.

Adarsh, which is Malayalam for “model,” started in June 1998 as a daycare with seven children. Since, it has grown to be a valued clinic, sustaining around 250 fulltime students, with over 60 of its students having progressed to pursue studies in mainstream schools, their confidence and social abilities boosted.

The Trust focuses on medical and therapeutic assistance; academic training specific to the needs of the children; enrichment of vocational skills; and, ultimately, empowerment of the child through physical and social support so that he or she may lead a healthy life of independence and dignity. They have a main clinic located in Trippunithura, a neighborhood IMG_2570east of the larger city of Kochi, and a new center, the Child Development, Evaluation, Intervention & Research Center (CDEIRC) in the nearby neighborhood of Vyttila.

Kochi can boast of 18 such special schools in or around the city, but while other schools specialize in autism, cerebral palsy, or Down syndrome, Adarsh specializes in all three. The inclusive atmosphere at Adarsh invites children and families of all stripes, whatever the child’s unique developmental stage or the family’s financial situation may be. Although the school has an established tuition schedule, they work with each family to develop a plan that works for them — often not charging any tuition at all. They truly want to help, and this makes the school particularly special.